Port Vincent Auto & Tyre Services is an authorised BodeCode agent.

The BoatCode System was introduced in South Australia on 1 September 2001. It uses a unique numbering system (Hull Identification Number or HIN) to identify registrable recreational vessels and provides security for existing and prospective vessel owners by:

  • providing a system of safeguarding their vessel
  • deterring vessel theft
  • facilitating the recovery of stolen vessels through the stolen vessel database
  • increasing industry and consumer confidence in the retail and private boat markets.

The HIN consists of 2 identical plates that are affixed to the vessel’s hull:

  • the first clearly visible on the starboard side of the transom
  • the second concealed.

Each HIN will be unique to the vessel and permanently linked to the hull.

New vessels must be fitted with a Hull Identification Number (HIN) to be registered for the first time.

New vessels may have HIN plates attached at the time of manufacture by manufacturers participating in BoatCode.

Second hand vessels must be fitted with a HIN to transfer registration to the new owner or to register a second-hand vessel for the first time.

How can I get a HIN for my vessel?

Owners of vessels with either current or expired registration who wish to take advantage of the security benefits of the BoatCode System may arrange at any time for a BoatCode Agent to affix HIN numbers to their vessel.

Port Vincent Auto & Tyre Services is an authorised BodeCode agent.

More information

See Transport SA’s BoatCode brochure (518kb PDF)

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